If you face an accident, things to do for insurance

Insurance companies from the insurer can begin to search for any claims that the car does not claim and if the claim is an accident.

Have a driver’s license?
(If you drive without a license)

Have a valid driver’s license?
(If the license expires)

Have a valid vehicle license?
(If the license expires)

If that is the case, do these things,

1. Take a photo out of the car immediately

2. If you want compensation, take a photo

3. There is no need to take photos of a broken lamp

4. Take photos that highlight the whole process

5. Take photos of both cars

6 If you hit a wall, let it be the wall. Do not drive in private cars

Do not take pictures of the areas where your car is exposed and do not take photos. Call your insurance company immediately from the scene of the accident. Don’t call at home and call now.


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