Mandalay City Development Committee starts mobile phone application to collect taxes

Ye Myat Thu Thu, a member of the Mandalay Municipal Development Committee, said that the taxes collected by the Mandalay City Development Committee could be paid through the mobile phone application.

House tax He added that the Mandalay Smart Pay Application has been collected on mobile phones and can be used for public use.

You do not need to go to the bank to pay taxes using Smart Pay. Non-refundable Employees are paid a loaf of bread. Full tax collection; There will be benefits to the staff, ”said U Ye Myat Thu.

“The current system is crippled by the government. It took a long time for people to take hundreds of homes. So every six months or three months we have to collect. This system can be collected every month. If the online system becomes available, it will come true, ”said Ye Myat Thu.

The bill will be issued within the next two months and scan the QR Code, which will be able to scan and pay taxes, said Mandalay Mayor Dr. Ye Lwin.

Top Up Accounts are made at the Township Administrative Offices; Ayeyawady Branch He said it could operate in Yadanabon Bank and Convenient Stores.

Not only can you pay tax with Smart Pay system. Phone top up Buy a Car Ticket Dr Ye Lwin said it is intended for use in shops.

“The main purpose is not to make a profit, but to make the people comfortable with every payment,” said Dr Ye Lwin.

The Mandalay Smart Pay Application will be launched on March 14, the mayor said. The Mandalay Municipal Development Board of Yadana Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with the Myanmar national 2C2P in May 2009 to collect tax on Smart Pay.

2C2P, a joint venture with the Mandalay City Development Committee, has set up offices in 12 countries and is the main provider of payment systems in Southeast Asia.


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