Should Garlic Be Soaked In Honey?

Examine the above question:

1. The properties of garlic; 2. The properties of honey; 3. Garlic changes in honey; 4. There are four sections that are not suitable for consumption.

(1) The nature of garlic is a fertile egg, and it has geographical power. The taste is very hot and the color is white, so it is good for the body. Garlic is a non-egg, so it is replenished with space.

(2) When examining the nature of honey, there are many differences between the species. Even the natural honey that is absorbed from the flowers of the wildflowers is found in two groups of honey bees and honey bees. The source of honey in honey is also different. Near Honeymoon Farms are often farmed in conjunction with farms.

When the source of honey is obtained, it is necessary to evaluate the nature of the taste and the taste, which is involved. The color is dark brown. The taste ratio; Bee hives; It is a honeycomb with geometrical properties. Lightening If the taste is a little sour, it will be a teacup-led honey. It is bright and shiny. The sweetness is sweet. If you notice the presence of bubble bubbles near the mouth of the bottle, it will be honey and lead.

(3) When the garlic is soaked in honey, the ratio and duration may vary, as well as the location of the storage system and the method of storage. A few white eggs; The amount of honey; Longevity There is not enough air; The properties will be different depending on the difference between the cold and the dry ones.

(4) The right decision to use the letter is the most important answer to the question above. Today is the origin of kamma; It is a period of the four senses of heat. Sleeping on a mattress In the sun, umbrellas and hawks. Hats should not be worn or worn. Take a bath Wearing hot clothing, High heat, lotions etc.

Anxiety and anxiety; Grief, sorrow, grief; Fear, anxiety, and anxiety. Hot weather; Oil and cinnamon Heat exhaustion with hot air is common. It is hot, hot, hot. Bread Pickle. The first two are Figs What is Mala Xinaguo? Foods such as zucchini, almonds, etc.

As a result of this excess heat, the body of the body becomes depressed and depleted of various diseases.

In three-dimensional theory, the human body survives seven diseases with an excess of satiety and anaerobic metabolism. With Acne Deficiency Nutritional deficiencies; Geomagnetic events occur. On the basis of medical science Excessive protein Gallbladder You should also avoid using excessive amounts of carbohydrates instead of space. Wow! The only way to get rid of malnutrition is to cure the disease.

There is geology. Good energy; Space-filled garlic is among the books that should be avoided in most aphasia-induced aphasia. Geography Tic acid and long-term consumption of clogged honey can be ineffective and can lead to life-threatening complications if the disease progresses.

If you have a low-calorie garlic diet, eat some acidic garlic (during a period of cooling of honey with a good amount of honey). It is said that it can be more medicinal for patients with PTSD.


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