Boiled green peas, healthy food for breakfast

We live in Myanmar, according to trends in Myanmar. As the standard of living changes, The diet is changing. No matter how it is changed, One thing that has not changed is the culture of cooking.

Ever since the days of the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great -ebice 3 Then be it ever so often, in every town in every part of Burma.

Peanut butter is easy to cook with hot salt and salt. A meal of rice; Adult and young people, young and old, as a snack joint No matter what race you belong to, The poor and the poor are eating well.

Not only that! Peanut butter salad It can be eaten as a fried vegetable. Boil the roasted peppers in a saucepan; They often eat delicious food. In addition, the traditional Burmese bread is made with milk. The bread and spice / cinnamon / mustard bread must be perfect too.

“Peanut” means to eat peanut butter and toast. Soda can be stirred and let out. Stir in the lavender for a hint of color and color. When you see a bakery in your neighborhood all day, They do not realize how important health is.

Scientific tests in the field of soybeans contain enough vitamins and minerals to support human health. The USDA (National Nutritional Survey) and WHFoods strongly recommend that no dietary cholesterol be included in the diet.

1. Pepper is not very low in fat and calories but Because of its nutritional value, it is advisable to stick to a healthy weight plan.

2. Pepper contains a lot of soluble fiber. The fiber does not suppress the muscle by automatically stimulating the muscle to move the digestive tract.

3. Eating soy contains nicotinic acid, so it is very important in the diet. It can reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

4. Eating peas is a good source of iron and helps build healthy red blood cells. It can protect against anemia and over-tiredness. It can improve immunity. In addition, insulin secretion is carried throughout the body.

5. Legumes contain lutein and carotenoid; Soybeans may reduce the risk of a variety of eye diseases and glaucoma as a result of advancing age, say international medical scientists.

6. One cup of fortified soybeans contains 44% of vitamin K, as well. It also contains vitamin B, which helps keep bones healthy and healthy. Changes in the hemoglobin may also prevent osteoporosis. Therefore, not only children / adults, Pregnant women should eat soy.

7. Normalize the amount of sugar in the blood. It produces the energy needed for the body. It works by improving the metabolism of the body.

Free radicals can block the walls of blood vessels in the body and cause them to contract. Damage to blood vessels and damage to blood vessels. Osteoporosis; Stroke It causes arthritis. Flavonoids and phytonutrients contained in legumes act as anti-oxidants; These free radicals are not able to cause these diseases. In addition, the plant contains lectins, which are rarely found in plants. The red blood cells make up the cells. It prevents clotting.

9. Vitamin B is rich in Vitamin B and reduces the amount of homocysteine ‚Äč‚Äčthat effectively protects against various heart diseases and does not prevent stroke associated with heart disease. Therefore, medical scientists recommend that you eat at least once a week.

10. Vitamin A – B-C – E in the diet It also contains omega-3. Zinc is enough. These compounds are known to cause airway hyperplasia. Mumps It can prevent Alzheimer’s (also called brain disease).

11. Eating soy has low glycemic content; Soybeans are the ideal companion for diabetics because they control the amount of sugar in the blood.

12. According to a recent survey in Mexico Eating beans contains polyphenol in the diet. A daily dose of 2 milligrams of soy is said to protect against cancers of the stomach.

13. Contains magnesium-rich minerals. Hypertension does not cause hypertension.

14. Cooked soybeans, a source of phytoplankton, may reduce the likelihood of developing brain and nerve disorders in infants born to pregnant mothers.

15. Women Do Not Bleed.

Be careful. Natural purines in the diet can cause side effects for golfers and kidney patients. Special precautions should be taken.

Nutrient-rich beans are easily available at low prices, so they are easy to find. Every country is often referred to as “a poor man’s meat or meat.” Medical scientists call it “power food.” Therefore, we should eat small portions of “Eating Pot” which is easily available at our hands.


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