Wrong position of rest camp on Yangon-Mandalay express highway

(1) Analyze the Road Safety Audit for public safety and make the most of it.

(2) The Rest camp you see in this image is looking for a magnifying glass. Measure Without Safety Audit to Calculate It is very dangerous.

(3) Expressway. In Basic Design Concept, Access Control is a must-see. No, not at all.

(4) Access Control is an access road from the highway. You cannot pay directly or directly to the premises. It is a steel rule of any country. Also, do not have to go directly from the yard / street onto the highway.

Although the speed of the car is only 20-30 kms, the average speed of the car is 100, so it is not necessary to place cars at high speeds. You will need to login and exit at Rest camp.

The Right Of Way (ROW) is a must-do area. The number of cars is increasing, either for expansion or for expansion. For safety reasons, If you would like to include a small area where you can safely call the Refuged area. Road area must be left. Almost every engineer knows that the Right of Way is the Fence to Fence distance.

Clearly, there’s nothing left in the picture right now. The ROW requirement issued by the Ministry of Construction is 400 feet. The current expressway will be only 100 feet (including the middle island). Then one side has to be pushed back 150 feet.

(6) Foreign engineers, if you see this situation wrong, can be very impressed with Myanmar engineers (all), so we sincerely apologize for the repair.


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