Mar Mar Aye, An Angel of Myanmar Traditional Music

Mar Mar Aye is a Burmese female singer. Born in the second month of Myanmar in the year 1308 in Myaungmya, Shan State. Father-in-law U Aye; She is the daughter of Daw Than Two (Singer Mya Mya Than).

From the age of three, singing and singing in “Modern History” The play was. At age 8 he started broadcasting. Than Than Myint named “Mya Mya Aye Orchestra” Myint Myint Aye is called “Pwo Oo Concert Band”. “Myint Thiri Orchestra” “Choral Instruments” “Maha Thiha Amusement Band” “Military Musical Instrument” “The Kippy Band”; “Malala Music Band” “U Khin Myint’s Big Band” He performed at “Mandalay Piano Oun Maung Band”.

In 1955, she became a national singer with the song “I’ll Play On The Rainbow”. 1956 57 In the 58th year, the school won a series of middle school awards for the third consecutive Poetry Prize. During that time, he wrote poems, poems, and poems. He also wrote songs.

Beginning in 1961, he served as the program’s assistant broadcast officer in Myanmar Broadcasting. A member of the Modern Music Council of Myanmar and a member of the Music Magazine Committee. “The noise of the snake.” “I love him” She also starred in the movie “Mandela”. Founded in 1971, “Music Recorder” was established. “Mommy Lamb”

Established in 1976, the “Aye Sing Training School” was established. “MMA” He also worked on the studio as a recording studio. In 1989, the National Association of Musicians (1); In 1995, the Ministry of Culture’s Grand Music Review and Music Symbols Committee; He was the secretary of the secretariat verification committee. He was the secretary of the band at the Socialist Competitions held between 1995 and 1997.

Since 1998, he has been living in the United States, writing and recording music. While attending medical courses, the US states and England, Australia, Australia While on a tour of Myanmar music lovers in Japan, they are broadcasting a documentary titled “There’s Something Too Much” for the people through the BBC Burmese program in London. Advice by MoeMaKa Radio and Multimedia


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