History of Myanmar Kyats

In Burma, money has been used since colonial times. Although the Indian state was a colony in colonial times, the paper for Burma was exclusively written as “Burma can be used in Burma”.

In 1944, the “Japanese Government”; There was also a banknote issued under the name “Burmese National Bank”. In Japan, the rupee was used, but later the kyat was changed.

In 1948, the kyat was renamed as “Burmese Government” and in 1953 the name “Union Bank of Myanmar” was not changed. One feature is that the kyat 500 kyat issued in 1994 and the 10,000 kyat notes issued in 1998 were smaller and less expensive in 2004.

The most significant change in the history of the Kyat is the Kyat (25) Kyat (Kyat) image, issued by the Union Bank of Myanmar on 5 September 1987. The 35-kyat and 75-kyat bills were officially terminated.

The General Ledger was published in 1948 and was released in 1966. October 15, Revolutionary Government; The Ministry of Finance and Revenue is the 50-figure General Aung San. 25 sheets Ten Plates New coins are issued.


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