How to use one electricity meter unit?

1 meter unit is 1 KWH 1 kWh means 1 unit for 1 kWh in an hour. Let’s use some of the lighting for the lighting. One 4-foot fireplace is usually 40 watts of water. One hour is about 40 watt. It takes 1,000 units for 25 hours and 1,000 units will increase to 4 hours per 25 hours.

Let’s say that he uses an electric cooker called “Red,” which is a heat regulator, so let’s just calculate the average. (Maximum 1600Wh)

Let’s set the temperature down with 1,000 watts. One hour takes you up to one unit. Do you have a 14-5 hour cook-off? Host Gandu ?? : p: p Don’t answer. Just two hours a day with Danny and Cook. 2am / midnight with Rice Cooker. No more than 2 units, more than that, no more than half an hour in rice. Watch TV at night. Watch for 5 hours in a row. It will go around the unit. If you think too much, cut down on TV time.


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