Disadvantage of Plastic Particles in Water Bottle

Baby tea bags are a good source of micro-plastic plastic bags, according to a new study published today. A study conducted by Canadian scientists.

Researchers gather a small amount of drinking water and heat it to 95 degrees Fahrenheit [90 ° C]. A single bag of tea can count over 11 billion microns of plastic and more than 3 billion non-plastic particles. They are so small that they cannot be seen.

These are health risks. Microscopes smaller than 5 mm are present in much of what people eat today. Bottled water is an excellent example.

In the past, people were living in a state of relative inferiority to the modern world, relying only on the modern, the elegant. New cases of the disease that have not been there since day-to-day are becoming more and more common. Where are humans headed?


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