Scuba Diving Experience in Ngwe Saung Beach

Scuba Diving is now underway on Ngwe Saung beach, according to Myanmar Dive Center.

“Over half an hour’s journey from the beach will be provided by a small boat about 60 feet deep. We hope more foreign tourists who come to the beach will find it more interesting,” said Shibakwei, manager of Myanmar Dive Center.

Myanmar Dive Center will offer diving and underwater views at a cost of US $ 120 per person, with only a minimum of two to six people per trip.

“$ 120 is a complete cost for the entire dive trip. There will also be a guide to facilitate the dive and provide you with fruit and water bottles for free after diving.”

Underwater scenery will be arranged in two bird and mountain ranges near Ngwe Saung beach and will provide life-saving equipment for safety. Myanmar Dive Center is located near Sunny Paradise Hotel in Ngwe Saung.


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