Digital signature technology use on internet pages of Myanmar ministries

Director of Information and Cyber Security Department Ye Naing Moe said the digital pages of government ministries will be used to authenticate digital pages.

He said the technology would prove useful when there was a dispute over the imitation of the digital pages of the ministries and the changes to the digital pages.

The average Internet user uses the digital signature on the digital pages of government ministries. Can’t know.

”Now, there are fake letters that have been posted online and which ones have been published. Rumors are circulating. The real issue will be digital signatures.” Ye Naing Moe said.

He said that the ministry’s digital pages are meant to be used on all Facebook-created pages, including PDF files, Word files, etc.

“For example, they call a tender on the website of a ministry, and then they upload it to a PDF file.


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