How To Cook Low Cholesterol Tea Rice

When it comes to cooking, many people use only natural water, but our ancestors did not. They know that cooking with strange water is said to help prevent disease and improve longevity. Tea in China has long recognized the benefits of green tea. In fact, raw tea can not only remove cholesterol, but also cure chronic illnesses that can cause many problems.

How does a tea made with rice make a miracle?

Green tea can be removed by cooking with raw tea. Cleanse your mouth There are several benefits to preventing a wide range of diseases, such as aiding digestion. According to nutritionists, the fact that raw rice cooks a healthy diet can prevent five diseases.

Alkaloids contain tea; Tea Polyphenols; Vitamin C Iron can help prevent arterial tension, Anti-Atherosclerosis Reduce blood cholesterol. It has a wide range of effects, such as reducing blood sugar and preventing radiation. Tea is one of the three major health threats to human health: cardiovascular disease; It has been shown to have significant effects on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The rice we eat every day is rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, which boosts the circulatory system and the biological processes in the body. It can cure fatigue. There are benefits to boosting immunity. Consumption of both tea and rice may lead to better health effects. The benefits are (1) prevention of cardiovascular diseases; (2) help digestion. (3) Preventing Tooth Diseases

The main method of cooking with green tea is as follows: Soak a little tea in hot tea; After the tea is fermented, clean tea leaves are filtered and then cooked in liquid tea.

It is important to note that … (1) Do not add too much tea. Do not use fresh tea for 2 days. (3) Be careful when it comes to protein and iron rich foods.


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