How to ride a YBS bus with a card?

Please note that if you use YBS Card system, you will be charged extra money. Let me tell you how. At the start of the climb, the card starts and the card is activated. The machine started recording the card with the sound of “T ….”

When you start getting into the car, you don’t cut any money on the card. It marks the start point. The important thing is that the car will be in the car I had to cut the card once in the car. I can’t forget. At this stage, the machine confirms that the terminal ends at the departure point from the start and cuts off.

If the destination is low, it will cost you a hundred bucks. If you don’t cut the card in the way, you just get off the car and the card will not be cut, so the car will be deducted from your card. So be careful in the look.

Keep pressing the card until the sound of the card breaks. Otherwise, you will have already donated money to the card in one trip.


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